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actor meme: character that made me fall in love— Ned the Pie Maker

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The first official posters for all three films

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This is the Doctor in the days before he knew me. And he looks at me… He looks right through me and it shouldn’t kill me but it does.

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My scene, in gif form! (thank you, Jacob!)


My scene, in gif form! (thank you, Jacob!)

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There is a harry potter discussion I would really like to have if anyone will indulge me



As we saw in book 7, spending too much time around a Horcrux can affect someone’s personality and mindset or just a mood. Now, we also know that Harry is a Horcrux. So why didn’t he effect Ron and Hermione when he is around them so often? Or did he?
When Ginny was possessed by the diary, she did so much change, more like merge, with the persona in the diary, yet she did become almost lethargic at times, as if she wasn’t really there. Compared to Ron’s reaction to the locket, I believe it is safe to say that the horcruxes effect each person differently, depending on what emotion it latches on to. For Ginny, it was her need for companionship and understanding, while for Ron, it was his anger and uncertainty.
Next, I would like to bring up Umbridge. Though we didn’t see much of her with the horcrux, I am going to assume that while she was wearing it, she was happy. The locket fueled her hatred and she truly enjoyed that. At least, that is my interpretation. So with Ron and Hermione truly enjoying being around Harry, would that have made them happier? What emotion would the horcrux in Harry connect with?
Perhaps I am looking too far into this but I think it’s worthy of discussion.

I’m always up for talking about Harry Potter. I think I fucked up replying to the post but-yeah. Here I am now, so.

Anyway, let’s think about the math here for a sec, if making horcruxes is just continuously dividing your soul by a half, that means the diary would be 50% of soul, and the locket 12.5%, while Harry himself is liek 1.5% (I got this off a Voldemort soul pie chart on google images). So then The Locket and the Diary would have a higher influence on people since they have more of the soul doing the influencing (they were of the first three to be made I believe). So there’s that, and since Harry doesn’t have that much of Voldemort inside of him at maybe a little over a year old (he’s liek the 6th horcrux to be made so the fraction of Voldemort in side of him is ridiculously small) maybe he just adapted to it or  in any case he will easily override the weird soul Voldemort fetus so he isn’t possessed or anything or expressing Tom Riddle in anyway outwardly. I’d like to think that he didn’t influence his friends being the horcurx, the object of soul. I mean Harry was definitely a Horcrux, however it didn’t affect others so much as it did him. Because Harry’s not Voldemort.

 Most of Voldemort’s souls slivers are kept inside of inanimate objects with the exception of Harry and Nagini,( and Nagini doesn’t really count because we don’t exactly know her thoughts except maybe from when she was on her way to Kill Arthur Weasley. So we don’t know for sure if It affects the object/person holding it more than the outside environment. Anyway, she was already inclined towards Tom Riddle, so she probably didn’t fight the soul sharing and the whole expressing Voldemort deal, but I digress.) And the inanimate objects certainly didn’t have to share soul space with Riddle so all of them were mostly just Riddle.

Harry, I feel took most of the brunt with Riddle actually inside of him, as Riddle didn’t have free reign over his container and would mainly influence  Harry and let Harry influence others whilst being influenced. I’m not too sure about most of the specifics, but I think it was more of a inward battle of not letting Voldemort rule his life or influence his brain or whatever.

And it did heavily influence his brain. When he just came to Hogwarts, he was doubtful of himself and he was scared of not fitting in and I’m a major nerd  (but then again who isn’t on this site) and remember the weirdass dream he had? Newly-sorted-into-Gryffindor Harry dreamt:

He was wearing Professor Quirrell’s turban which kept talking to him, tlling him he must transfer to Syther at once, because it was his destiny. Harry told the turnab he didn’t want to be in Slytherin; it got heavier and heavier; he tried to pull it off but it tightened painfully- and there was Malfoy, laughing at him as he struggled with it- then Malfoy turned into the hook-nosed teacher, Snape, whose laugh became high and cold-there was a burst of green light and Harry woke, sweating and shaking. He rolled over and fell asleep again, and when he woke next day, he didn’t remember the dream at all.” -pg. 130 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

I mean this could just be Harry getting nerves being in a new world and stumbling along, but the whole turban/green light/high cold laugh foreshadowing. It’s hard not to see it as Harry being influenced by the soul piece. I can’t really say much for the other early years of his Hogwarts experience. I’m sure Harry doubted himself a lot in 2nd year especially as he compared himself to the Slytherin Legacy and Tom Riddle (which happened to be the same thing) which he would continue to do for quite a while (and which Voldemort would play upon in fifth year). After that I can’t say much for the 3rd and 4th year, I’d have to read the books again. But we all know Harry’s absolute rage after Cedric died and Voldemort was reborn in fifth year, and his despair when Sirius died. And Voldemort played upon that. Voldemort plays on emotion that make us particularly weak or make us act self destructively (which would explain Harry, Ron, and Ginny, and maybe to a certain extent Umbridge haughty in our ignorance or maybe she was just a good opportunity Riddle couldn’t pass up). The emotions Voldemort played upon with Harry were more of doubts and fears and anger he had during his life. 

I can’t think off the top of my head for any more specific examples but anyway, point is while his friends didn’t show signs of Tom Riddle’s influence while Harry was with them, Harry showed prominent signs all the time.  But instead of being self destructive, he broke through with the power of love and friendship and as cheesy as that sounds, a child malnourished in both the physical and the social sense, that shit was really powerful and made quite a impact on him because he had the hope to believe he could be loved differing from Tom Riddle but again I digress. So instead of destroying himself inside out, he grew stronger.

While Ron and Hermione were with Harry, you might see a slight trace of Riddle if you squint but nothing truly prominent or noticeable.  It didn’t really affect them because they weren’t happy and enjoying themselves around Harry because of Voldemort or Voldemort’s expression through Harry, but rather just because of Harry. Just Harry.


1.) Harry had a smaller potion of the soul = less influence 

2.) Had to share ‘soul space’ with Riddle which meant Riddle was mostly fighting him to gain control or whatever and didn’t interact with the outside environment= mostly inward battle

3.)Harry was the only one really truly influenced by his own small soul shard of Voldemort and it was of his self destructive thoughts/emotions judging by the examples of known influencing (which he got through).

4.) I don’t think Ron and Hermione really were influenced by the piece of Voldemort inside of Harry since most of the drama and the happy stuff around Harry was because of Harry himself or maybe Harry being influenced by the soul shard which didn’t actually directly affect the other two

So I think that’s it. If you have any questions about this reasoning or if you don’t get it or anything else, feel free to ask me because I’m really speculating on my point of view and the information I already know on this subject and plus I get really bad at explaining my reasoning especially if I take a long time figuring it out myself. Or don’t ask. Whatever floats your boat, man. Thoughts? 

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